Founded by property millionaire, author, investor and business owner Matthew Moody (as featured on the BBC, Radio 4, Your Property Network), Wealth Success Alliance is a leading consultancy firm for anybody serious about making a six figure annual income in business.

We work collaboratively with both high net worth clients and start-ups; providing guidance, support and insider know-how to help them achieve the maximum return with the minimum of effort.

Sound too good to be true? 

It isn’t.  If you’re serious about building a business (or improving an existing one), then you’ll know that building a business is not down to luck.  Building a business requires skill, knowledge, contacts and experience – and this is where WSA can help you.

Our focus is on:

  • Results: it isn’t about offering empty promises and no follow-up; we actively work with you to achieve your goals
  • Profit: we develop strategies, tailored to your needs, to maximise your return
  • People: there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution – your aspirations are just that – YOURS.  We offer guidance and advice that is appropriate and relevant to your wants and needs.

Still unsure?

If being backed by Matthew Moody isn’t enough of an incentive to get on board; you can get your free copy of “The 5 Stage Blueprint to Mastering Your 6 Figure Business” report and audio here.  We’re convinced that once you’ve read it you’ll see that Matthew has been where you are now, and he understands your hesitation and applauds your questioning, but the first step to success in this game is to commit.

For those who are ready to play – congratulations!  You’re ready to take the next step.  Click here to arrange a one-to-one consultation with Matthew.





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